Ever thought we should come with a book of instructions?

Well maybe we do!

We are all given our own unique set of genes from our parents at the time of conception and keep them until the end of life.

The variations on these genes will give a strong indication of the things you should and shouldn’t be ingesting and how you are metabolising them.

These gene variations can give the potential answers to problems you have been suffering with for years or maybe all your life.

Gene testing can help with planning future health, it can tell you so much about you, and the way your body functions. Giving you the tools to optimise your strengths and support your weak areas.

As a Nutritional Therapist and Nutrigenomic Practitioner, I can help you read your instruction book and work out the best way to live your life in the best possible way.

Your genetic code is written in pen, but we can add pencil changes, highlighters and stick-up-notes, editing your book of instructions to make a better you.

CORE PACKAGE: Includes DNA Test Kit And Nutrient Core Testing – £399

This includes a full consultation with myself to agree which areas are best tested, a further consultation to discuss results and a personalised nutritional plan.

Each Additional Area Of Testing – £150
5th one is free

Real Life Stories


testimonial one

Christine Arnold offers a tailor-made and personal service. She helps you adopt healthy practices to live a healthier life.

Christine is a very understanding and knowledgeable nutritionist who endeavours to deliver dietary suggestions in a naturopathic friendly way.

She is always available to follow up any dietary concerns.

– Claire, Epsom

testimonial two

I saw Christine for help with menopause and arthritis.

I wanted a natural alternative to chemical medication and Christine really helped with that.

She gave very helpful advice and was friendly and approachable.

I would definitely recommend her.

– Ann, Tadworth

testimonial three

Christine successfully treated my daughter who was suffering with stomach problems. The care and attention given was excellent.

Christine is really knowledgeable and went to great lengths to help find a solution. She is so approachable and friendly and really puts you at ease.

This service is for anyone who wants a natural and healthy solution to their problems, not a concoction of medicine.

I would recommend her.

Nicole, Epsom

testimonial four

A friend suggested I see Christine as I had been struggling with stomach problems for some time, the consequence of which made me anxious to leave my home.

After gaining a complete history of my life and condition she devised an eating plan together with naturopathic remedies and simple lifestyle changes that have now become part of my everyday routine.

Christine’s guidance and support these past few months have been invaluable, I have more energy and enthusiasm than I’ve had in years, it has transformed my life and I am now able to leave the house with a new found confidence. I would highly recommend her.

Sylvie, Banstead